Heidelberg Retina Tomograph:
The Heidelberg Retina Tomograph (HRT) is a scanning laser ophthalmoscope specifically designed to acquire three-dimensional images of the optic nerve and macula. The HRT measures the size, depth and shape of the optic nerve and is especially used in early detection of glaucoma. Most importantly, the HRT is used to detect progression over time.

OPTOPOL Field Analyzer:
This state-of-the-art visual analyzer is the gold standard for the management of glaucoma and other eye diseases that result in loss of visual field (peripheral and central vision). Loss of visual fields can occur when areas of the retina are damaged, or when neural pathways between the eyes and the brain are damaged.

Oculus Keratograph:
The Oculus Keratograph is an instrument used to measure the curvature, elevation, and power of the cornea giving us a 3-D digital topographical map. This instrument allows us to make the most accurate contact lens fitting possible by measuring over 22,000 points of the cornea. This instrument is also used to detect and monitor different diseases of the cornea like keratoconnus.

Kowa Nonmyd Fundus Camera:
The Kowa Nonmyd Fundus Camera is a high resolution digital camera used to capture a picture of the retina. The image is displayed immediately, and allows your eye care professional to help you understand your eye health. The retinal camera is a great instrument for detecting small changes in structures over time.

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